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Restaurant Review: Bagel Shop, Bandra


So today, I will review Bagel Shop, which is located in Pali Mala Road, Pali Hill, Bandra.

And here’s what it looks like:

Tucked away behind myriads of potted plants in the slopes of Pali Hill, The Bagel Shop is the perfect place for a late afternoon rendezvous. The plants all around the cafe keep the air cool, which makes sitting outside without the air-conditioning extremely pleasant. The ambience is dominated by the warm colours on the walls and comfy chairs and couches to lounge in. Once you settle into your seat, you will immediately feel the leisure and quiet wash over you. I noticed that people frequent this place for informal meetings or to work peacefully (free WiFi yo!).

What I found a little disappointing was the service. You have to wait around for the waiter for 10 minutes and then ultimately give him a shout out to come and attend to you. Apart from that, the food takes about 10-15 minutes to arrive after you’ve placed your order. I ordered a Grilled Beef Bagel with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard and cream cheese, and a Strawberry Smoothie. My friend ordered a Bagel with Nutella. My beef bagel wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. The beef was overcooked and chewy (not tender and juicy like I expected), and honestly, it wouldn’t have harmed to have more cream cheese. But the bagel was delicious in all sense of the word. The crust was crunchy and the herbs just added to the overall flavour. The smoothie was nice and fresh, but a little less on sugar, which I didn’t mind in the least. My friend’s Nutella bagel was intensely gratifying.

From top to bottom: Grilled beef bagel, Fresh strawberry smoothie, Nutella bagel. 

This place will leave a slight pinch in your pocket. The bagels itself aren’t all that pricey, (unless you order something fancy like Tuna which is for Rs. 400), but the taxes make the bill quite a burden on your pocket money. But if you’re looking for a New York-kiosk-style bagel, then you should definitely drop by. Just follow these guidelines:

  1. Keep it simple. Order something like a Nutella bagel, or a Cinnamon Bagel, which they serve with butter, so that you can enjoy the taste and flavour of the bread. 
  2. Spend a good hour and a half: To get the full worth of your money, I think you should stay for an hour and a half or so. Just sit back in your chair, take occasional bites of your bagel and participate in conversation with your friends.
  3. Carry some work along: If you want to work or write, this place is perfect. Sit back with your laptop, a bagel and a coffee, and the words will just come to you. 
  4. Use their free WiFi: Even after spending 2 hours at The Bagel Shop you still feel like you haven’t gotten your money’s worth, just ask them for their WiFi password and download your time away!
My overall impression of The Bagel Shop is favourable. If you have an exotic taste, then you should try their chorizo bagel, which is beautifully smoky and oozy! Or just stick to their Bagel with butter, because you can never go wrong with that! 
Bon Appetit! 

Bagel Shop is one of those places where you can escape to from your hectic routines for a lazy afternoon with your thoughts, books and music. And bagels. Of course!  

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My Body and me

Working in media and advertising, I am bombarded by images of supposed perfection everywhere. People I work with, the ads we put out and in media in general. I have learnt over the years to block the attention the media pays to its version of perfect bodies, but it is the talk at work that I can’t seem to shut out. 

Fey quote #2

Women constantly talking about how they need to lose weight, how attention from males has reduced because of said increase in weight, and it goes on. 

My body has gone through a lot of changes over the years. It has gone from being active in sports, to being a dancer, to me completely abusing it while doing my postgrad. It has coped with these changes by losing and gaining weight, but it has thankfully remained healthy. I too was obsessed with looking “perfect” for a while, but thankfully that phase got over rather soon. I would gym regularly and put a of pressure on myself to tone up. I then went to college, where such things stopped mattering. I then went to do my postgrad, where due to a complete lifestyle change I gained a lot of weight. All my friends back home would comment a lot about it, and I realised it made no difference to me. If the first thing they could say to me on meeting after months was, “you have put on weight!” then I wasn’t sure I wanted to be friends with them. 

This was also the time when I began to experiment with fashion and really came to accept my body. Inspirations came in the form of Vidya Balan, Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling. The attention the issue of body image has gotten on media (mostly the internet, because have you seen the Indian Newspapers?) is amazing and very inspiring and has grown from a few articles here and there, to a whole bunch of women talking about it. 

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- Shreya

We have a lot more guilty pleasures in common than this. It warrants a whole post, which will come soon. 

We have a lot more guilty pleasures in common than this. 

It warrants a whole post, which will come soon. 

TV Shows We Discovered Quite Later On and Came to Love

Television series are actually the way Shreya and I bonded. She introduced me to Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, House, and so many other great shows. When she was home, we would sit in front of our computer with a variety of junk food and just marathon our time away. Now that she’s away, we don’t get to do that. But these are a few shows that we have bonded over, even if we live apart. 

1. Veronica Mars:

Veronica Mars. What can I say? I learnt about this show after some random googling. I had just finished watching Frozen and fell in love with Kristen Bell. So a few Google searches later, I discovered this show.

The description seemed interesting, and so I downloaded it. I waited for Shreya to come to Bombay to start watching this show. In about a week after her arrival, we had devoured the three seasons like a jar of Nutella. The movie was a little disappointing. But to us marshmallows, we would have taken anything they would have given us! Plus, the book, The Thousand Dollar Tan Line was well written, sharp and witty. Can’t wait for the second installment in the book series. I really hope there is some kind of continuation of the series in the form of a web series or a TV series. I mean, can you get enough of Jason Dohring?

2. Parenthood:

I came upon this show on TV. One afternoon, nothing interesting was on. But I saw this show on Z-Studio about a BIG family, with their littler families, who were dealing with their own issues. It was certainly interesting. Being a fan of Gilmore Girls, I was immediately star struck when I saw Lauren Graham in the show. 5 seasons, and many, many tissue boxes later,I was hooked! I canNOT wait for the sixth season of this wonderfully emotional and touching TV series.

P.S.: Shreya introduced me to Gilmore Girls 4 years ago. I introduced her to Parenthood a few months ago. It’s safe to say that we are even (if any one’s keeping score)

3. The Office

I had heard a few times about this show, but didn’t really get the deal. I was reading Mindy Kaling’s book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me & Other Concerns, where she spoke extensively about this show that she worked on as a writer. Mind you, I was already a Mindy Project fan, so I wanted to see her in other shows.

After watching the first season, I realized that the highlights of this show were Michael Scott’s aloof personality, Dwight’s crazy obsession with beets and Jim and Pam’s cute love story. Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling’s character) was slightly annoying but definitely added to the absolutely fresh take on humour of this show.

4. Whitney:

I know! Most of you are thinking that this show was crap and had nothing new to offer. BUT! Shreya and I found this show extremely funny. Whitney’s sense of humour, her annoying personality and her Greek God boyfriend, Alex (played by Chris D’Elia) are really easy elements to fall in love with. Plus, by the end of season 1, Whitney kind of grows on you. Shame that the network didn’t renew the series for a third season.

5. Orange Is The New Black:

This is a new show that Shreya has recommended to me. Still haven’t gotten a chance to watch it, but by the amount of praise and social media craze I have witnessed over the past few months, I am sure I will love it.


I am too old for this: Sleepovers

In school, our ultimate idea of a Girl’s Night was sleepovers. As I went to college and then away to post-grad this idea has changed to include a combination of mojitos, junk food and rom-coms. The ideal working girl GNO is again, dressing up, drinking, dancing and junk food, and coming back home to crash into a alcohol and food induced coma. So, the mix hasn’t changed much, and it has always been on weekends, so you can sleep it off on the next day. 

Now that I have started working, making me go out on a weekday is usually impossible, unless of course I am lured with the idea of food (I have a strict “no drinking on work nights” policy). I had to break my policy when a friend from school (who had moved out of town and we didn’t see her for about 3 years after that) was in town. We obviously decided to have a sleepover, which would be preceded by mojitos during Happy Hours (Will someone explain why Happy Hours exist only on weekdays?). 

Now, needless to say the pre-sleepover mojitos packed a lot of punch, and we had to parcel dessert back home. Back home, we were too stuffed to sit, so we had to walk about, like we were much older than our licenses suggest. Post walk and post dessert, there was a general lull in conversation, punctuated by repeated yawns by your truly. We were tucked in and asleep by 12.30 am. 

I am sure 16 year-old me is pointing at 23 year-old me and is remarking at how boring I am. Though I would like to point out to her that I can now drink legally, she still has a point. Being a sedentary corporate worker, who sleeps at 11 pm with hopes of working out early in the mornings, has really put my body clock in a slump. I can no longer successfully drink my money’s worth at Happy Hours and expect to stay awake all night at a sleepover. I am being made to choose. 

I hereby declare, that all sleepovers will have alcohol, and not be preceded by Happy Hours, and will probably get over by 1 am. 

- Shreya

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